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Updated Oct 21, 2017 @ 7:41 pm
Cub Scouts
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It is not always easy to ask the tough questions, but it is so nice when someone does. This week, a Cub Scout was kicked out of his den for asking his state senator a simple question. Colorado’s Vicki Marble was visiting the group of cub scouts when 11-year-old Ames Mayfield asked an important question about gun control. According to 9News, his other den mates had asked similarly political questions about fracking, fossil fuels, and the border wall. However, Ames was the only Cub Scout asked to leave his den.

In recent years, the Boy Scouts have made strides to become more inclusive. They’ve worked to improve trans rights for their members, and recently decided to start admitting girls into the Scouts.

However, it looks like this Cub Scout troop still has a long way to go.

As Senator Vicki Marble took questions from the kids, Ames readied to ask his own.

Besides touching on domestic violence and mistreatment of women, Ames also brought up a great point about healthcare.

Lori Mayfield, Ames’s mom, captured the questions on video, shared by 9News. After, she met with Ames’s pack leader, who informed her that her son would have to find another den within the pack. When Ames heard the news, he was rightfully heartbroken, citing that he felt he had a really good relationship with his Den leader. And Lori has defended her son. She doesn’t think gun control should have been off the table.

The Boy Scouts released a statement after the incident.

Plenty of Cub Scout groups around their community have reached out to Mayfield and Ames, inviting him into their Packs. We hope this tough kid finds a Pack that can support and foster all children’s rights to ask questions that will undoubtedly affect their futures.

To Shannon Watts’ point, we would also like to thank his parents for raising such a strong and considerate kid. Keep on, Ames.