Nicole Daddona
April 21, 2016 11:41 am

Politics are like sports — everyone’s got their favorite team. While debating politics can be fun (and exhausting) showing your party affiliation and candidate loyalty is also possible via festive SWAG. With that in mind, we scoured the internet for politically-inclined gifts and goodies (like the above Bernie is Bae sweatshirt) and we were not disappointed. No matter who you’re voting for, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re supporting Hillary Clinton: 

Pick up this powerful Hillary 2016 shirt.

Get it here!

Or, this seriously cool enamel pin.

Grab one here!

Or, these hyper-realistic Hillary stud earrings.

Snag ’em here.

This pretty perfect Hillary mug.

Get it here.

A tote bag with a very important message.

Shop away!

If you’re supporting Bernie Sanders: 

There’s this super cute Bernie Sanders tank top by HUMAN:

Get yours here!

There’s also this Bernie Sanders pin that spills the beans on your crush.

Get one here!

And more pin adorableness.

Buy it!

A Bernie Sanders cookie cutter, which we feel like could come in more handy than expected.


Bernie nail decals, because why not?

Get festive.

If you’re supporting Ted Cruz. 

This bag of Ted Cruz coffee.

You can get a bag here!

This radical Ted Cruz phone case by Subliworks:

Order yours here!

To go with your Hillary studs.

Buy them here.

This pretty casual Cruz button.

Button up. 

Another subtle item for the wardrobe.


If you’re supporting Donald Trump. 

These expressive Donald Trump magnets by Tiffanysmethod:

Grab them here!

These sassy socks.

Get a pair here!

The classic Trump cap.

That hat, tho.

This very important birthday card.

It’s gonna be huge.

Donald Trump cupcake toppers.

Get them here.

If you’re supporting John Kasich. 

These cozy Kasich socks.

Bundle up.

If you wanna show your Kasich support, but not shout it from the roof tops.

It’s gear time.

If you wanna show your Kasich support and you DO wanna shout it from the roof tops.

Buy the brooch.

Some Kasich button love.

Get it here.

If you’re like WTF, IDK, get me out of here.

Allow us to recommend this mug:

Which you can get here.