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Poland already has very strict abortion regulations, where the practice is explicitly banned except for extreme cases like incest or rape, if the mother’s health is definitely in danger, and if the fetus isn’t viable.

But a new law, which is currently under review by the country’s parliament, would ban all abortions and possibly give jail time to people who still sought them out — and people around Poland aren’t having it.

The Czarny Protest (or the Black Protest) is a nationwide women’s strike asking women (and presumably, supporters of any and all genders) to take to the streets wearing black. According to the Krakow Post, the protest was begun and organized by an organization named Dziewuchy dziewuchom, which translates to wenches to wenches, which is one of the best organization names I have ever encountered.

As part of the movement, which is centered in Poland but also expected to take place around Europe, strikers can pass out flyers like the below, while those around the world can then participate in solidarity using the #BlackProtest and #CzarnyProtest hashtags.

Credit: Czarny Protest

As the protest has already begun in some parts of the world, support has already started showing up on social media:

We are so here for the Czarny Protest. Poland’s impending abortion ban is actually currently supported by 70% of the population, which is at odds with the reported 50,000 illegal abortions that reportedly take place in the country every year. The country’s abortion restrictions took center stage in the world about a year ago when intrepid Dutch reproductive rights activists started delivering abortion-inducing pills via drone, and the Czarny Protest is part of the ongoing struggle to recognize that abortion shouldn’t be a stigmatized and illegal practice in the country.

More power to the wenches, and to the people who are lending their own voices in support of abortion access in Poland, which mirrors larger conversation about women’s autonomy and health care.