Briana Hansen
July 14, 2016 11:30 am
TV Tokyo

It’s barely been around a week and already Pokémon Go has completely changed our lives. From inspiring people to become more fit to creating love connections, the world has become completely obsessed (and happily so) with the game.

And everyone (we mean everyone) is hopping on board the bandwagon by creating their own Pokémon with a customized message. Which is exactly what Planned Parenthood has done in this small stroke of genius.

That’s right. That’s a condom-inspired Pokémon. And it’s amazing.

By playing on the fact that the theme for Pokémon has always been “Gotta catch ’em all,” they’re emphasizing safer sex practices by subtly (and hilariously) reminding you that there are many things out there you do not want to catch. And it’s actually pretty brilliant.

They’ve already shown they’ve got a great sense of humor (a là some pretty great Ruth Bader Ginsberg coloring books). And it’s awesome to see Planned Parenthood having a little fun in an otherwise really serious profession.

Plus, the message they’re sending out to people everywhere is actually a really valuable one for healthier and safer sexual practices.

And we imagine that, much like those pesky Rattata and oh-so-common Pidgeys, there will be plenty of these Planned Parenthood Pokémon available all over. At least that seems to be what they’d hope for.

So well done, Planned Parenthood. Way to be current while sending out a totally great message.

TV Tokyo/Giphy