Pizza Planet is becoming a real thing, and we feel like we just got picked by The Claw

Did we just get chosen by THE CLAAAAAW? Because today feels like our lucky day. Why? Well, it appears our intergalactic dreams are coming true: news just broke that a real-life Pizza Planet — yes, *that* Pizza Planet, from Toy Story— will be landing at Disneyland in California in April. While we’re honestly shocked this wasn’t already a thing, we’re more excited than a bunch of bouncing martian toys.

Walt Disney World News Today is reporting that the new Pizza Planet restaurant will debut as part of next month’s Pixar Fest at the theme park, where it will take the place of the Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port already positioned in Tomorrowland. Disney hasn’t officially confirmed the news at this point, but even the thought of being able to experience an actual Pizza Planet IRL has us feeling over the moon — like, literally, because #outerspace.

The new destination will also be a nice precursor to the full-blown Toy Story Land down in Disney World that’s set to open this summer.

Since we don’t know many details at this point, other than the fact that this pizza eatery makeover is so far only supposed to be temporary, we’re left to imagine which details from the famous Pizza Planet scene in the movie will carry over. There HAS to be a rocket-shaped claw machine stuffed with little green guys, right? Will Woody and Buzz be running around? Maybe an exterior rocket ship? Maybe the super violent Whack-an-Alien game Sid plays?

We’re assuming the pizza will be delicious, because Andy seems to be a big fan and we’d like to trust his judgment.

Except for, of course, when he turns too cool for his toy BFFs in TS3, but that’s another matter altogether…

Whatever features Pizza Planet ends up including, it will be the perfect thing to hold us over before Toy Story 4 hits theaters July 21st, 2019. Because, hello, PIZZA.