Karen Belz
Updated Jan 31, 2018 @ 1:44 pm

We’ve all been there — and well after college, too. Sometimes last night’s pizza just seems like the most appetizing thing to grab before heading off to work. Whether heated up or eaten cold, it’s a satisfying start to the day…because, it’s pizza. So we’re happy to report that a nutritionist claims that pizza can be healthier than cereal for breakfast. Really.

Speaking with The Daily Meal, dietician Chelsea Amer noted that pizza is a solid source of protein, which is important in the morning.

The Daily Meal also pointed out that a lot of cereals are “nutritionally bleak.” While there are a few winners out there, a majority don’t contain healthy fats or protein — instead, they just include lots of unnecessary sugar.

Does that mean that pizza is healthy? Not necessarily. It’s just healthier than a lot of the other options we may grab when we think about breakfast.

And if this news has inspired you to switch out your cereal, you may be doing yourself a big favor. A piece in Self.com on choosing healthy cereals noted to look for things like at least three grams of fiber per serving, no added sugars, and whole grains as the first ingredient.

But then there’s always pizza.