Kit Steinkellner
August 25, 2015 11:12 am

We get all kinds of uncomfortable when Photoshop is used to alter the image of a wonderful-just-the-way-she-is woman and transform her image into that of someone who more closely adheres to traditional standards of beauty. We don’t want to virtually force all women inside those narrow parameters, rather we want to work to expand the definition of what it means to be beautiful until it includes, well, everybody.

That’s why we love t-shirt company FCKH8’s new vid promoting their “This Is What A #Feminist Looks Like” t-shirt (thanks Styleite for the heads-up!) In the commercial, entitled “Feminists vs. Photoshop,” women of different sizes, colors, and ages, wear their “This Is What A #Feminist Looks Like” t-shirts, then proceed to strip off those shirts, revealing their beautiful bodies underneath.

“Real women can have wrinkles,” one woman tells us. “And curves,” another adds. The video proceeds to tell us that real women can have muscles, be skinny, big-breasted or flat-chested. These women conclude that women can be “whatever the f— they are” and then they proceed to flip the bird at Photoshop (this last part is what makes this vid super-awesome/super NSFW).

It’s a short (like fifty-one-seconds-short) little piece, and it proves that you can empower women everywhere in under a minute. And if you like the look of those “This Is What A #Feminist Looks Like” shirts, you can snap one up over at their website.

OK, video time!

Feminists vs. Photoshop: Real Women Stand In Their Underwear to Stand Up to Sexist Beauty Standards from on Vimeo.


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