Carly Lane
May 19, 2015 8:46 am

Sisterhood is a powerful thing, and lifelong friendship can bloom at any age. Photographer Anna Larson‘s series, “Barely Different,” proves just that.

Larson, a mother of three, began capturing gorgeous, moving images of her own two daughters two years ago. “Their close connection was evident through the images and I saw a similarity that had bloomed from friendship,” she wrote on the site BoredPanda.

The two girls, Haven and Semenesh, now 5 and 3, are best friends and inseparable. Their friendship really bloomed two years ago, when Larson began her project, and their love for each other is evident in Larson’s images.

According to Larson, a family lifestyle photographer and birth photographer in Olympia, WA, the series began casually enough, as a way to document the adorable moments between her children. But recently her pictures have gone viral, a testament to how touching these family portraits really are.

“When we grow beside another, our similarities bloom,” Larson explained in an interview with MyModernMet. “It’s not skin that makes us different, or that causes separation and distance…no, it’s lack of unity.”

“Two souls birthed on the opposite sides of the world, were brought close through adoption, and their bond is great because of unity,” she continued. “It’s opened my eyes to the potential we have to love and accept one another as brothers and sisters, just as they do.”

The powerful images reveal the profound relationship that can develop between sisters, even at such a young age. It also serves as a reminder that biology isn’t the only way to define the meaning of family.

This series pretty much speaks for itself, so check out some of our favorites below and try to keep your heart from swelling at the love these two sisters clearly have for one another.

Check out more of Larson’s amazing work at her website, on Facebook and on Instagram.

[Featured image and all other images via Anna Christine Photography.]