We didn’t think we could edit our Pete Davidson-Ariana Grande relationship timeline any more than we already have. Now that the two are engaged, we thought we could relax until their wedding. But Davidson just dropped another piece of info that has us going back to the drawing boards. The SNL star revealed that his relationship with Grande began earlier than we realized.

During a September 24th interview with Howard Stern, Davidson said he and Grande became romantically linked on May 7th. Bossip—the earliest to report on the duo—reported it on May 18th.

Davidson told Stern that Grande’s manager, Scooter Braun, arranged a meet-up for the pair on the night of the Met Gala. Neither Davidson nor Grande had opened up to the public about their respective breakups yet (Davidson with Cazzie David and Grande with the late Mac Miller). It was a super-secret first date that only a few of Grande’s friends knew about.

In classic Davidson fashion, he arrived to Grande’s place wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt. Grande was dripping in glamour, having just left the Met.

Davidson noted that Grande initiated the romance that night. He wasn’t confident that she liked him enough for him to stay after her friends left.

He also noted that they were in “similar situations” (having both just gone through big breakups). Grande’s confirmed her breakup with Mac Miller on May 10th, and Davidson’s breakup news arrived on May 16th. Davidson and Grande officially confirmed their relationship on May 30th (almost a full month after they actually started dating).

And the rest is history.