Since Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande ended their engagement in October, the two have (mostly) avoided drama over the split. However, some of Grande’s fans have been targeting Davidson online—even causing Grande’s manager to step in and defend him. Now, Davidson is addressing the situation. In a text post shared to Instagram today, December 3rd, Davidson revealed that he has been “online bullied” for months. He also acknowledged his struggle with mental illness, including borderline personality disorder and his efforts to raise awareness about the diagnosis.

The comedian continued by admonishing those who have been tormenting him.

Davidson has been extremely open about his struggles with mental health and experience with BPD—and many online have used it against him. In May, trolls even suggested that Davidson shouldn’t datebecause of his diagnosis. At the time, Davidson (rightly) wrote that it was “f*cked up to stigmatize people as crazy.”

No one deserves to be bullied, and especially not for being open and candid about their mental health. We hope Pete knows these trolls are just a small segment of a much bigger world, and we’re sending so much love and support his way.