Now that we’ve finally reached October and Halloween prep is in full force, what better time to drop the truly terrifying first trailer for the new Pet Sematary? While the remake of the 1989 horror film—based on the 1983 Stephen King novel of the same name—doesn’t come out until April, the trailer does more than enough to get us in the haunted Halloween spirit…and warn us to steer clear from cemeteries forever.

In the trailer, we meet the Creed family, who relocate from Boston (Chicago in the book) to a small, rural town in Maine. But because this is a Stephen King story we’re talking about, it’s not just any quaint little Maine town. Rather, it’s home to a (supremely creepy) mysterious burial ground located in the woods right behind the Creeds’ new house.

“Kids used to dare each other to go into the woods at night. They knew the power of that place. They feared it,” Jud Crandall (John Lithgow) ominously tells his new neighbors, Louis (Jason Clarke) and Rachel (Amy Seimetz). If Jud’s warning itself isn’t terrifying enough, the visuals will officially do you in.

Watch the Pet Sematary trailer below, if you dare:

According to the film’s official synopsis, a family tragedy prompts Louis to turn to Jud for help, triggering a chain of events that take an extremely dark turn. While the trailer doesn’t give away too many details, it provides numerous hints at the horrors to come. From the oil trucks barreling down the highway road near the Creeds’ home, to the ghastly appearance of the family cat, Winston Churchill, it’s clear dark forces are afoot.

Pet Sematary is slated for release on April 5th, 2019.