Anna Sheffer
Updated Dec 22, 2017 @ 9:46 am

On December 19th, posters with Meryl Streep’s face on them were plastered across the streets of L.A. “She Knew,” the posters proclaimed on a red bar stamped across Streep’s eyes. Soon, #SheKnew set Twitter afire. And now, a right-wing artist has taken responsibility for them.

The creator of the posters goes by the name Sabo. A former U.S. Marine, he told The Guardian in June that he believes “leftism is a mental disorder.” The 49-year-old artist said that he and his two collaborators devised the posters as a way to get revenge on Streep for using her latest movie, The Post, to speak out against Trump.

The posters imply that Streep knew about sexual assault allegations against Weinstein while she worked with him for many years. In the illustration used for the posters, Weinstein stands next to Streep.

But Sabo told The Guardian that he wasn’t sure if Streep really knew about what Weinstein had done.

On December 19th, Sabo tweeted that he had “absooooooolutelyyy nothing to do with” the posters. But he asked his followers to share a link to a story in The Hollywood Reporter about the incident. The next day, he once again took to Twitter to acknowledge that he was, in fact, behind the posters. He then urged his followers to purchase the poster on his website. false false

Actress Rose McGowan publicly accused Streep of knowing about Weinstein’s abuse in a since-deleted tweet on December 16th. Streep responded by issuing a statement denying that she had any prior knowledge of Weinstein’s actions.

Regardless of whether or not Streep knew, the #SheKnew posters are problematic for their blaming of women for men’s crimes. We stand by all victims of sexual abuse, and we will continue to hold the men responsible accountable for their actions.