If you’re a parent — or just a fan of children’s programming — you may be familiar with Peppa Pig. The British cartoon got its start in 2004, and it’s now officially everywhere. And now, a Peppa meme is making its way across the internet, and it’s almost as good as Arthur’s angry fist.

The screencap in question was taken from an episode in which Peppa asks her mom if she can make a phone call to a friend. She dials up Susie Sheep and the two get onto a pretty important topic — whistling.

On the call, a bummed-out Peppa admits that she doesn’t know how to whistle. Susie, ever the sweetheart, admits that she also doesn’t know how to whistle, which immediately calms Peppa down. Until we realize that Susie does, in fact, know how to whistle…she just didn’t know it was called whistling. And Peppa is not happy. See the clip for yourself:

Peppa. Is. Angry. And we get it — feeling like the only person incapable of doing something seemingly simple is a bummer. And the Peppa memes began flowing.


Basically, Angry Peppa is relatable AF, and this deceptively adorable cartoon moment has tapped into our psyches in a way few things ever have. We will now commence using this meme at least once a week to express our innermost feelings for the rest of our natural-born lives.

Thank you, Peppa. Our day (week? year?) just got significantly better. Also, whistling’s not all its cracked up to be. We promise.