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Oh no, people are suing Chipotle in Los Angeles and it’s for a surprising reason.

The Mexican food chain has had its fair share of controversies over the years including problems with food poisoning allegations and GMO issues. Just when we thought they were turning things around, its burritos took a turn for the worst with some of its LA consumers.

According to MyNewsLA, those massive burritos that we all love so much aren’t exactly what they seem.

The Los Angeles publication continued saying that these three people have filed a class-action lawsuit in order to settle the issue.

The issue revolves around whether or not the food chain’s in-store advertising is misleading and tricks customers into thinking the burritos they are consuming are healthier than they really are.

The plaintiff’s main argument is that there is a picture of a chorizo burrito that has been advertised as “300 calories” when it is, in fact, triple that. According to Grub Street, the tasty burrito is actually closer to 950 calories. That calorie count does make way more sense since it is filled with all kinds of delicious ingredients including lots of cheese.

Chipotle clarified on its Twitter account that the burrito in question has 300 calories worth of the actual chorizo meat. Therefore, the whole burrito is NOT that amount.

While this misleading information is a bit on the surprising side, believing that any type of food that size could be 300 calories is kind of unreasonable.