Credit: YURI GRIPAS/AFP/Getty Images

It wasn’t just Hillary Clinton’s words that inspired us in her first post-concession speech last night — it was her face.

When Hillary Clinton delivered a powerful post-election speech at the Children’s Defense Fund’s Beat The Odds Gala, she wore wearing little to no makeup. Though media (rightly) didn’t focus on Clinton’s makeup routine, the move, of course, didn’t go unnoticed by Twitter.

There were, inevitably, some trolls and bullies who said Clinton’s new, fresh-faced look makes her look “tired” or “defeated.” But to that, every woman who’s ever gone out in public without makeup would respond, “that’s just my face!”

We, along with a big, beautiful chunk of the internet, think Clinton’s light-on-makeup look is refreshing — and the perfect middle finger to the patriarchy!

Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

So critique all you want, folks, HRC has more important things to worry about.