Natalia Lusinski
March 18, 2017 10:22 am

As you know, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does a lot for us. Now, people are thanking the EPA in the best way ever, with cookies, reported The Washington Post. So sweet, right?! No pun intended!

The cookies arrived to the EPA’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. on March 13th. There were hundreds of them.

The front and backs of the wrapped cookies had messages on them. The front said, “To: EPA Staff. From: America. Thank you so much for all you do! You save lives. You make the world better.” On the back were personal stories from people around the U.S.

Of course, the EPA has been in the news a lot lately since President Donald Trump wants to reduce their funding. Aside from the cookies, the EPA has received hundreds of calls lately, reported The Washington Post, to complain about EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s comments on climate change.

However, some callers thanked EPA employees for their work, while others sent cards in the mail to show their appreciation for them.

ICYMI, on March 16th, Trump’s administration proposed a 31 percent cut to the EPA’s budget (read: to eliminate climate change programs and reduce initiatives to protect air and water quality), reported Reuters.

Twenty percent of EPA personnel would lose their jobs, about 3,200 positions, according to The Washington Post. Plus, more than 50 EPA programs would be eliminated.

David Marquardt, who lives in D.C., sees how the EPA helps our lives. Having grown up with smog in L.A., Marquardt said it used to be so bad when he was a kid, there’d be smog days.

Now, he wanted to do something to show his appreciation for the EPA.

Marquardt had some friends pitch in and bought the cookie ingredients. Then, he had a baker friend, Dan Kaufman, make the cookies. Using social media, the two asked people what they’d say to people at the EPA, and some responses made it onto the backs of the cookies.

Awwwwwww! If only the cookies would solve all problems, everywhere. We can hope though, right?!