Arielle Tschinkel
January 21, 2020 10:02 am

This post contains spoilers for You Season 2.

Even though we have thankfully gotten confirmation that You Season 3 is a go, we have several months to wait before we get to see Joe and Love in their new suburban abode. So while we wait for new episodes to drop, we’re still obsessing over You Season 2 and all of its incredible twists and turns. Turns out, we’re not the only ones who were shocked by what went down in the hit Netflix show’s sophomore season.

Tyler Golden/Netflix

In a new interview with Buzzfeed, Penn Badgley just revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets that even the biggest You fans don’t know, including the one major plot twist that he says “really hurt [his] heart.”

Badgley says executive producers clued him in to the fact that Love would be a killer right after Victoria Pedretti‘s audition. But in Badgley’s mind, Joe would have been on board with her reveal, and the couple would set off on a Bonnie and Clyde-esque adventure together. Maybe they’d even find new victims to target as a team. Of course, as fans now know, that’s definitely not how it went down when Joe discovered that he and Love were on, ahem, an equal playing field.

Badgley also feels like Love is not Joe’s “true love,” despite the fact that they have so much in common, including the fact that they’re both, you know, actual murderers.

“No. No, they both kill people, OK? How can that be true love?” Badgley said. “I don’t want to police people’s feelings anymore. It’s really exhausting.”

Okay, we fully get it. It’s not cool to stan a couple who kill people for kicks.

Check out the rest of his interview with Buzzfeed for more juicy tidbits about You Season 2.

We cannot wait to see what You Season 3 holds in store. But for now, we’re happy to hear all the secrets the cast and crew are willing to share.