Karen Belz
March 09, 2018 9:47 am

It’s official: Wild animals have mastered the art of the perfect selfie. Expeditioner Eddie Gault left his camera out on the ice in Antarctica for research purposes, and nearby penguins took things from there.

The moment happened at the Auster Rookery, which is home of many an Emperor penguin. The penguins cautiously went to investigate the newly-set-up-camera, leaving Gault with priceless up-close and personal penguin footage. Penguin aficionados not only got to see what a penguin would look like if it was directly in your face, but they even got to see some primo penguin snuggling. Aka, this is the best day ever.

Animal-lovers on Twitter are officially losing it over the insanely adorable video, which was initially posted by the Australian Antarctic Division.

The video went viral, and some penguin-lovers even thought the footage was doctored due to how detailed the video was.

Others just thought the entire situation was hilarious.

It’s a good thing that these two adventurous penguins decided to step away from their colony to investigate. They managed to create some incredible “art” in the process, and become internet famous. Next stop: Give these guys their own reality show. And yes, we’re 100% serious, people.