Anna Sheffer
Updated November 27, 2018 8:10 am

During President Donald Trump’s time in office, the administration has repeatedly lied and spread misinformation to the public. But the media is starting to push back against the president’s blatant falsehoods. CBS reporter Paula Reid recently called Trump out on one of his lies straight to his face, and, obviously, we’re cheering.

In a clip posted to Twitter on November 26th, Reid asked Trump about his reaction to a recent 60 Minutes investigation, which found that the administration’s policy of separating families at the border has gone on for longer than previously believed. In a clip that Reid shared to Twitter, Trump repeated one of his previous (debunked) claims that the family separation policy actually began under President Barack Obama.

“Obama had a separation policy,” Trump said. “We all had the same policy.”

But Reid didn’t let the president’s claims go unchecked.

Trump ignored her and doubled down on his position, saying that he “tried to do it differently.” He reiterated, “Obama had a separation policy. But people don’t like to talk about that.” Again Reid interrupted to correct the president’s statement as he turned and walked away.

As The New York Times pointed out in June, there was no law on the books prior to Trump’s presidency that required parents and children to be separated if crossing the border outside a designated port of entry.

Twitter users applauded Reid for pointing out Trump’s lie.

Given that the current administration lies so frequently, it’s important to seek out accurate information and to call out misdirection whenever we see it. We applaud Reid for confronting Trump, and we hope other journalists take a page out of her book.