Very kind human Patton Oswalt had the best response to a Twitter troll who attacked him on the internet this week. In an unconventional move, the comedian took to Twitter on Thursday, January 24th to encourage followers to donate to a GoFundMe campaign for user Michael Beatty following a spat over a tweet from Donald Trump.

Oswalt wrote, “Aw, man. This dude just attacked me on Twitter and I joked back but then I looked at his timeline and he’s in a LOT of trouble health-wise. I’d be pissed off too. He’s been dealt some shitty cards — let’s deal him some good ones. Click and donate — just like I’m about to.”

Beatty had responded to Oswalt’s tweet at Trump with the following, according to Upworthy: “I just realized why I was so happy you died in Blade Trinity!” and “And you shoot basketball ike [sic] the sawed off little man you are.”

After a scroll through Beatty’s Twitter timeline, Oswalt realized that the Vietnam vet had created a GoFundMe for medical bills following a two-week stint in the hospital. He then encouraged followers to combat the internet attack with kindness. As of today, the campaign has raised over $15,000—far exceeding its $5,000 goal.

Are you crying now? Hold those tears, because there’s more to the story. Shortly after, Beatty responded to Oswalt’s act of kindness. He wrote, “Patton. You have humbled me to the point where I can barely compose my words. You have caused me to take pause and reflect on how harmful words from my mouth could result in such an outpouring. Thank you for this and I will pass this on to my cousin who needs help. A cascade.”

And because every heartfelt story needs to end on a hilarious zinger, Oswalt made sure to get the last word with a silly tweet.

This has been your daily reminder that kindness always prevails.