Updated August 12, 2019

All too often, we hear about companies that do nothing to make parenthood easier for their employees, whether that’s by failing to offer any sort of parental leave or to have a comfortable space on-site where moms can breastfeed or pump. Thankfully, the tide does appear to be turning, as a recruiter at Patagonia proved with a heartening post on LinkedIn that’s gone viral with almost 50,000 likes.

Holly Morissette shared that she was breastfeeding during a morning meeting after recently returning from maternity care when their VP Dean Carter turned to her and said, “There is no way to measure the ROI on that. But I know it’s huge.”

The comment left Morrissette feeling especially thankful to have on-site child care and to be with a company that supports working families.

She continued, “That perhaps just one person will brave the subject with their employer (big or small) in the hopes that it gets the wheels turning to think differently about how to truly support working families. That with a bit of creativity, and a whole lot of guts, companies can create a workplace where mothers aren’t hiding in broom closets pumping milk, but rather visiting their babies for large doses of love and serotonin before returning to their work and kicking ass.”

The downstream effect is apparent:

The post has wracked up over 1,000 comments since Morrissette shared it a day ago. Many were from moms who have faced far less ideal circumstances in their careers and wanted to applaud Patagonia’s contribution to the shifting tide.

Leslie Summers Bandy wrote, “Amazing post. I am facing the obstacles of re-entering the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for 12 years. No one seems to recognize my 17 years experience, only that I have not worked for 12. Keep up the fight.”

Nicole Walter shared,

A LinkedIn user and new mom named Grace Li Bergman shared, “Today is my second day returning from a 12-week maternity leave. I woke up 4 times last night tending my 11-week old baby, so I can’t help to tear up while I read ‘TO HAVE TO LEAVE THEIR JOBS OR LEAVE THEIR BABIES.’ While not all companies can provide on-site daycare (Rock on, Patagonia!), we need to acknowledge a family-centric work culture is ultimately more favorable for companies, our families, and our society as a whole.”

It’s no surprise the response to Morrissette’s post has been a resounding round of applause. The culture she describes is one that’s long overdue in far too many workplaces. Fingers crossed companies that aren’t Patagonia are quick to take a hint.