Lauren Saccone
January 16, 2018 11:30 am

The (rightful) fallout from Trump’s “shithole countries” comment continues, despite the administration’s attempts at damage control. While the White House now denies Trump ever called Haiti, El Salvador, and several African countries “shithole countries,” numerous attendees of the fateful meeting say otherwise. And politicians and talking-heads aren’t the only ones with something to say about the reprehensible moment.

Maryland Pastor Maurice Watson called out Donald Trump for his hateful comment during a recent sermon — while Vice President Mike Pence was in attendance. Pence reportedly sat in silence as Pastor Watson called the statement made by Trump “hurtful” and “dehumanizing.” Pastor Watson also said that “whoever made such a statement” was categorically wrong and that he felt “led by God” to speak out against it.

Worshippers were largely supportive of Pastor Watson’s statements. Many applauded his passionate words. Pence reportedly sat red-faced and silent throughout the sermon, though he has since denied the claim.

The controversy began on Thursday, January 11th, in a meeting at the Oval Office in which several lawmakers were in attendance. When the conversation turned to immigrants from Haiti, parts of Africa, and El Salvador, Trump allegedly said,

Trump then reportedly asked why the U.S. didn’t have more immigrants from places like “Norway.”

We applaud Pastor Watson for his compassion and courage. It takes a lot of bravery to stand up against hatred, and even more courage to do so with the Vice President of the United States sitting right in front of you.