Paris Jackson
Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images / Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Celebrity and activist Paris Jackson has been in the public eye her entire life, and she’s not afraid to stick up for herself—especially when it comes to clapping back against trolls and unfounded media reports. The latest dubious Jackson-related claim is that the star decided to go to rehab, and that she was “triggered” to do it by Demi Lovato’s recent overdose.

Lovato was rushed to the hospital after a drug-related health crisis on July 24th, and rumor has it she’ll be released this week (it’s unclear whether she plans to attend rehab at this time). Certain tabloids soon began reporting that Jackson—who herself has had substance abuse issues—was scared by Lovato’s overdose and decided to “get healthy,”

However, Jackson is not here for the gossip.

She then responded to yet another report about her deciding to “get healthy” after Lovato’s tragedy, writing, “bruhh i already made a statement about this! i haven’t gone back to rehab, or to any clinic.. idk who decided to make this bulls— up for clickbait but it’s annoying! i don’t need a celebrity’s misfortune to make me healthy. i’ve had enough friends OD to send me that message!”

Jackson is currently sober, and she opened up about her struggles with substance abuse and mental illness—including a suicide attempt as a teen—in a 2017 interview with Rolling Stone.

We’re hoping Jackson’s comments put an end to the rumors and hearsay—because this kind of speculation isn’t helpful for anyone.