Credit: CTV News / Twitter

The latest trend in tattoo art is centered around parenting, and it’s honestly choking us up. Moms and dads are ditching the song lyrics and tiger paw prints in favor of ink that’s a bit more personal — aka, doodles made by their kids. Which actually makes a lot of sense. Kids communicate so much of their inner-selves and spirit through art.

CTV News chatted with Craig Sears, who’s dedicated his whole left arm to his son Parker’s artwork. Parker is autistic and finds comfort through drawing. “This is the way he copes with things; this is how he gets through life,” he said. “And people love (the tattoos). People look at it and it’s just touching to people.”

And Parker is a prolific artist.

In general, parents seem to have mixed feelings about the phenomenon. Some took to Twitter to showcase their own similar gestures.


Others weren’t as fond of the idea, showcasing hilarious drawings that admittedly might not make for great permanent body art.

And others were inspired to potentially try it for themselves. false

While the trend definitely might not be for everyone, it’s certainly something to consider if you’re thinking about getting your first (or 100th) tattoo, and are also looking for a way to honor your little ones.

What are your thoughts on this one?