Sophy Ziss
May 02, 2018 11:03 am

When Michael Scott left the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin, the last person to wish him goodbye was Office Administrator Pam Beesly. In a heartbreaking moment from the classic episode, “Goodbye, Michael,” Pam chases Michael to the airport (just Liz Lemon and Ross Geller), to the World’s Best Boss one last goodbye — and off-mic, she whispers something to him. BUT WHAT? It’s been a longstanding Office mystery, but it’s a mystery no more.

Taking to her Instagram, Jenna Fischer revealed what Pam said to Michael, seven years after the episode first aired.

What did Fischer say in her last scene with costar Steve Carell? After hustling through airport security to meet him, and they exchange a sweet goodbye — without microphones on, but the cameras are still rolling — as Pam holds her shoes. Fischer finally spilled the beans during her Instagram live video on May 1st, and it’s actually too precious for words.

So it was in character, but also not in character, but also improvised, and was really never meant to be heard by anyone other than Steve Carell. How is it possible that this show still makes me feel every feeling, even years after it’s gone off the air? She also took more fan questions about the show, revealing things like her favorite episodes (“Dinner Party” and “Health Care”) and which ones she’s recently revisited (“Branch Wars”).

Fischer has long been in touch with her Office fanbase, so this Instagram live Q&A isn’t a surprise. It is always exciting, though, to learn new pieces of information about something you love dearly. Shoutout to Jenna Fischer, all of her amazing Office throwback moments on social media, and the time she took a selfie outside of a Chili’s she swore she was still banned from. You’re the office administrator of my heart.