Credit: Getty Images/Agustin Vai

Oreo has been crushing it lately. Not only did they introduce THREE new special flavors for 2018 (Pina Colada, Red Hot Cinnamon, and Hazelnut), but we also recently got a Peeps-flavored cookie for spring. Basically, we thought we had maxed out our Oreo-related goodness for the year.

However, rumor has it that Oreo will be releasing a Good Humor-themed flavor this summer, specifically mimicking the strawberry shortcake bars of our youth. You know — the strawberry and vanilla ice cream bars coated in delicious white and pink cookie crumb? We’re seriously drooling just thinking about it…like, seriously.

The news broke today, April 9th, on the CandyHunting Insta account, which often gets the best dessert-related scoops.

So. Much. Yes.

HOWEVER, the news has not been officially confirmed by Oreo at this time, meaning there’s a chance it’s just hearsay (but who could be so cruel?). The CandyHunting account also claims that a…ready for it…ROCKY ROAD-inspired Oreo will hit shelves this July. “The chocolate cookie contains marshmallow bits and the rocky road flavored creme has…soy nut inclusions,” they wrote.

Again, we’re praying Oreo confirms this soon, because we don’t think we could handle the disappointment if we don’t get to taste these incredible summer flavors.

Here’s to Oreos, nostalgia, and living our best cookie-eating lives.