state fair oreos
Credit: Walmart

One of the best parts of going to a state fair is obviously the food — especially the deep-fried variety. The only downside is that it’s hard to have those kinds of treats at home (you know, since most of us don’t own an industrial-sized deep fryer). But now, Oreo may have actually found a way to solve that problem…where its cookies are concerned, at least.

Instagram user JunkFoodMom pointed out that State Fair Oreo Cookies have appeared on Walmart’s website, and omigod, they look amazing. Now that summer is here, Oreo’s timing couldn’t be better: From the picture on the box, it seems like these Oreos are pretty closely related to the ones from the fair, and they definitely seem like a worthy substitute for those times you’re waiting for the next carnival to roll into town.

According to the Walmart website, the cookies can be baked or microwaved, and they come in two different flavors — Vanilla Crunch and Chocolate Crunch. They come frozen, and are described as crispy on the outside and creme-filled on the inside, exactly how we like our deep-fried Oreos to taste.

Can we talk about this? It looks delicious:

So far, Walmart has yet to reveal how much these will cost or when they’ll officially be hitting stores, but hopefully it won’t be long. The fact that they’ve shown up on the website is a pretty good sign. And buying these frozen is way easier (and less messy) than attempting to actually deep fry Oreos at home when that craving hits. The way we see it, everybody wins.

Fingers crossed that these Oreos start showing up in the freezer section of our local Walmart stores soon. This definitely seems like a must for all summer grocery trips.