Marissa Higgins
Updated Aug 17, 2016 @ 2:24 pm
Credit: Netflix

If you’ve been following Netflix’s hit documentary series, Making A Murderer, you probably have some serious feelings about whether or not Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are truly innocent. According to People, it appears that Brendan Dassey’s conviction for involvement in the murder of Teresa Halbach has been reversed by a federal judge. This leaves the state three months to file an appeal before the now 26 year old is freed. false false

Many fans of Making A Murder are thrilled by this news, as many people felt that Dassey was coerced into a confession, and wasn’t mentally fit to be put in that situation. However, some people feel that the reversal of his conviction was the wrong decision. As Jean Wollerman, Halbach’s first grade teacher, tells People:

“It is sad that a TV show can overturn things and can make changes in our justice system, and a TV show just shouldn’t do that. It stirred up everything. They were tried and they were convicted, and end of story.”

Most fans, though, have been vocal about their relief that Dassey appears to be closer to freedom.


Though there are still people who feel strongly that Dassey (and Avery) are guilty of the crimes they were convicted for.


We, of course, don’t know the truth behind the horrible murder of Teresa Hallbach, and we can’t imagine the pain her family and loved ones continue to experience.