Anna Sheffer
Updated Jun 28, 2019 @ 9:43 am

Far too many excellent TV shows have been canceled in the prime of their youth, but thanks to the power of social media some of these fan-favorites have been given new life. (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, anyone?) When Netflix canceled its progressive comedy One Day at a Time in February, distraught fans fought tooth and nail to bring the Alvarez family back, using the hashtag #SaveODAAT. These audience efforts have finally paid off because the beloved show is officially coming back to TV.

Vulture reports that Pop TV, a network owned by CBS, has renewed the sitcom for Season 4. This deal marks the first time that a streaming-service original has made the jump to cable TV, and we’re here for it. The new, 13-episode season will premiere sometime in 2020 on Pop, with CBS airing the season later in the year. The first three seasonswill remain on Netflix, so you can still stream it on your own before the new season premieres.

Gloria Calderón Kellet, co-showrunner of the series, celebrated the news on Twitter, writing “WE’RE BACK!”

Fans were stoked.

One Day at a Time has built up its following thanks in part to its depictions of Latinx and LGBTQ characters. It features an openly lesbian character, Elena, who later has a nonbinary love interest. Because of this, some fans pointed out how fitting it was that the series got renewed during Pride Month.

This news truly feels like a miracle. We can’t wait to see what Season 4brings us.