maisie williams
Credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams is well known for her charity work, animal activism, and all around general bad-assdom. So, it really came as no surprise when we learned that Williams’ most recent o-m-g-can-we-have-your-life moment was when she swam with a freakin’ dolphin.

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The dolphin’s name is Fungi (OMG dying from the cuteness) and he is a wild Bottlenose Dolphin chillin’ off the coast of Kerry, Ireland. false

According to the website for Dingle Dolphin tours (the ones who arranged Williams’ visit), “no one is quite sure of his age but he has been here for nearly 32 years and the experts tell us he has a lifespan of between 40 and 50 years.”

As you can see Williams was super excited to meet him…

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…and maybe a touch nervous too. (It’s okay we totally would be too!)

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Williams, a consistent advocate against the captivity and slaughter of dolphins, is reportedly working on a documentary about dolphins. So, perhaps this jaunt was a research trip for the project… false

Or, you know, a really awesome excuse to just swim with a dolphin. (NOT THAT ANYONE NEEDS ONE!)