Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Jul 25, 2016 @ 2:35 pm
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Friends, there may be reason to be a bit worried — it seems that bed bugs have a few favorite colors, which means your sheets may be attracting the tiny monsters right to your bed.

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A study in Journal of Medical Entomology took a look at the favorite colors of bed bugs — because, yes, even they have favorite colors — and found that the horrifying bugs are actually attracted to some colors over others. The result? If your sheets are red or black, you may want to switch over to something a little lighter, like yellow, white, or green.

Scientists told Self that it has to do with a preference for darkness. The darkness is simply easier for bed bugs to hide in, where as yellow or white is much brighter and therefore less of an appealing hiding place. After all, they like to burrow and hide, so it’s way easier for their dark bodies to blend in and feel safe in a dark spot than in a bright and sunny area.

So if you’re into having an edgy, goth-vibe in your bedroom, you might want to re-decorate unless you want the eerie bugs to make your bed into, well, theirs.

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If you do think you have bed bugs (after all, it’s hard not to be paranoid after learning something like this!), there are a few ways to check your home before you give it the all-clear.

1. We know thrifting is the most fun thing in the world, but always, always give used furniture a pretty intense check before welcoming it into your home.

2. Limit clutter so there aren’t so many hiding places!

3. Take care of cracks in baseboards and light sockets ASAP to shut down entrance routes.

4. Also, for those of us who don’t have laundry rooms of our own, take special care to keep your clothes wrapped up when you transport clothes to and from laundromats to keep from getting bugs, and spreading them!

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We remain a lil’ freaked out, but feel a *little* better about having some control over the situation. Be sure to let your besties know they may need to update their bedroom decor to avoid an unwelcome new friend (or a dozen).