While we dig him as Jenna Fisher’s ex on Splitting Up Together, we’re shocked to learn that Oliver Hudson very well could have been Jack Pearson on This Is Us. You read that right — the part wasn’t always in the bag for Milo Ventimiglia.

Hudson revealed that he was close to playing the father of the Big Three, but one thing set him back — he didn’t attend the callback to read with Mandy Moore since he already had a 10-day fishing trip planned.

His agent tried to talk him out of it, but Hudson wouldn’t budge.

Now that’s commitment.

We’re currently trying to imagine Hudson as our beloved Jack — and it’s admittedly tough. We just can’t imagine anyone but Ventimiglia in the role (though to be fair, we initially had our doubts about Jess Mariano playing a dad of three…so who knows).

Hudson admitted that when he first saw the This Is Us ratings, he had a reaction of “oh sh*t,” so we hope he — at the very least — caught a few good fish on that trip.