Credit: Courtesy of Olay

When it comes to changing beauty standards, it’s always nice to see large, legendary brands take the lead. That’s why we’re happy to see Olay empowering people to go makeup-free through a new campaign called Face Anything.

For the campaign, Olay partnered with Aly Raisman, Lilly Singh, and Denise Bidot, three women who are not only challenging beauty standards but also inspiring others to love themselves and use their voices. Olay says Face Anything was inspired by the difficulty women face trying to be their authentic selves under the weight of society’s conflicting expectations—that they’re too emotional, for example, or too outspoken, or too ambitious. And one way people can celebrate themselves as they are is by embracing their skin in its natural glory.

In a press release sent to HelloGiggles, Stephanie Robertson, the Director of P&G North America, said:

This is a message we can all get behind.

The women chosen to represent Olay all have important stories to share, and by doing so, they’re helping other people feel less alone.

Aly Raisman

Credit: Courtesy of Olay

In the campaign, Aly said, “Women are often put into boxes and judged by society if they are seen as different or ‘too’ something. I’m proud to be involved with a campaign that celebrates women being comfortable in their own skin and speaking out for what they believe in. It reminds everyone to support one another and that you have a voice that should be heard.”

Lilly Singh

Credit: Courtesy of Olay

Lily stated, “My days consist of so many different things, many of which are outside my comfort zone. Whether I’m in a meeting or performing, I have to exude confidence. And while others might take it as being “too outspoken,” I remind myself not to worry about what others think, which is why I align with Olay’s mission so closely…to inspire others to listen to themselves first and to be fearless.”

Denise Bidot

Credit: Courtesy of Olay

Denise shared, “I’m so honored to be a part of Olay’s Face Anything campaign because it aligns with a view that I’ve been a supporter of for years, and that’s being unapologetically your true self. I’m humbled to stand beside such a diverse group of incredible women whom I admire for their strengths and outspoken nature.”

You can learn about the movement below.

Whether you want to go makeup-free or not, Olay’s message is loud and clear: Live your life as your most authentic self.