Stephanie Hallett
October 12, 2016 3:11 pm

File this one under “whywhywhywhy” and cross-reference it with “nononono,” friends. There’s a new sexy Halloween costume on the market, and this one does not need to exist.

You may have heard that a gentleman by the name of Ken Bone became an internet sensation after he asked a question about America’s energy needs at the presidential debate on Sunday night. He was wearing a bright red Izod sweater, and he exuded a quiet, lovable confidence.

And while he quickly (and predictably) became everyone’s 2016 Halloween costume…

…we definitely did not expect to see Ken Bone sex-ified.

And yet!, purveyor of many unusual Halloween getups, has manufactured a “Sexy Undecided Voter” costume (and quite quickly, we might add) which retails for $99.95Elle reports that the costume has already sold out, though the company will be restocking soon (oh goodie).

Indeed, the website’s description of the costume might be as “great” as the outfit itself:

Did you catch that? The crop top is iconic.

All this really has us sighing, shaking our heads, and thinking a sexy Ken Bone costume is probably a good metaphor for this election—one part smart and qualified, one part utterly ridiculous.

Bone, for his part, seems to be enjoying his internet fame—so that’s the good news! He told Jimmy Kimmel that he hadn’t originally planned to wear his now-famous red sweater, but had wanted instead to wear an olive suit that his grandfather had helped him pick out a few years ago.

And thus the red sweater—and its sexy spawn—was born.