Sydney Bucksbaum
Updated Mar 06, 2018 @ 1:00 pm

The world just can’t get enough of Tommy Wiseau. The mysterious and zany actor behind cult-favorite movie The Room has achieved his dream of becoming a big Hollywood star thanks to James Franco and Dave Franco’s critically-acclaimed The Disaster Artist, inspired by Wiseau, and he’s cashing in on his newfound fame already. Wiseau has announced his next project, and here’s the kicker: it’s already done. He filmed it and released the first look teaser to The Hollywood Reporter, and you guys, it seems like a parody of itself already.

Scary Love stars Wiseau as a bounty hunter in search of his long lost love and “destined to change the future.” The movie is set in a bleak Los Angeles, so you know, he’s clearly aware of the kind of content we need in 2018. Directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford with production company Telefantasy Studios, the movie is described as “a science fiction tale told in the style of classic B-movies and outfitted with practical special effects, laser beams, and lunatic ideas which are guaranteed to make it the next big midnight movie hit.” They’re clearly aiming for another Room-sized hit and based on the teaser trailer alone, they’ve definitely got it.

The trailer sounds like it’s being narrated by the Honest Trailers guy (seriously), and Wiseau is heard shouting, “I used to love you!” in his trademark yell, while the woman working in a diner (which we should assume to be his “long lost love,” right?) responds, “I used to hate you.” She looks and sounds like the goth version of Lisa from The Room, and it seems like Wiseau is going for the same kind of love story, just with added guns and neon lights and lasers. He even drops a rose in the beginning of the trailer! Come on, are we being punked here? Is this even a real movie or just a dystopian remake of The Room?! Either way, we need to see it ASAP.

There is no release date scheduled for Scary Love yet, but trust that we’re anxiously awaiting the news with you.