On Saturday, December 15th, Cardi B became the first woman to headline the Rolling Loud Festival in Los Angeles. She also became the first woman to headline the show and get harassed by a man on stage. Yep: Cardi’s ex, Offset, came out on stage (unsolicited) in the middle of her performance with a cake and flowers to publicly ask for her forgiveness. And Cardi was clearly not pleased.

Several fans caught the awkward moment on video.

Cardi apparently came back on stage after the incident and continued the show like a pro.

And while this might not seem like the biggest deal (and some might even call it a sweet gesture on Offset’s part), let’s take a moment to unpack what happened: Offset chose to interrupt a moment in his wife’s career/professional life and make it about him. He robbed Cardi of a special experience and didn’t seem to consider if she even wanted to have this private exchange in an extremely public forum—which, apparently, she very much did not. The gesture was misguided at best, but inconsiderate and inappropriate no matter the context or his intention.

However, that doesn’t mean that Cardi wants anyone sending hate or negativity Offset’s way because of his misstep. In a public response to the incident posted to Twitter later that night, she made it clear that’s she’s not here for any online trolling directed at her daughter’s father.

Hopefully Offset can use this situation as a “learning moment,” and lets his wife live her life and perform for fans uninterrupted.