Lauren Saccone
December 08, 2017 10:24 am
Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

Yet another city is in danger due to the ongoing California wildfires. Oceanside City is one of the latest California locales to be evacuated because of fires raging across the southern part of the state. As the “Lilac Fire” grows in strength and severity, residents have been scrambling to evacuate to safety.

Located to the west of Los Angeles, the coastal city of Oceanside — best known for its beach and harbor-side shops — is currently in a state of emergency. Residents are being urged to evacuate as quickly as possible as the flames draw closer. Approximately 1,000 homes are in serious danger of being destroyed by the fire.

Despite the ongoing efforts of firefighters to control the flames, the fire is currently at 0% containment. This is due in no small part to the Santa Ana winds blowing across the landscape, helping the fire to spread.

The Lilac Fire is still small relative to the other California wildfires, but it’s moving fast and growing at an alarming rate. Several people have been injured, although none have been killed. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for animals; roughly a dozen racehorses were killed at San Luis Rey Downs, a training center in Bonsall, California. Despite the terrifying situation, workers rushed into the burning barns to help evacuate the horses.

Officials are trying to keep the fire as contained as possible under the circumstances. The winds are expected to die down by Sunday, December 10th.

Our thoughts are with everyone in California affected by the fires. Stay strong, and stay safe.