Elizabeth Entenman
May 23, 2018 9:01 am
Warner Bros

There’s a lot to love about the upcoming film Ocean’s 8. The movie is a love letter to female friendship. It also accurately and authentically represents women in a variety of different ways. And, oh yes, there’s a ton of glitz and glamour. Ocean’s 8 follows a group of women orchestrating a heist at the Met Gala, an event more glamourous than even the Oscars. Even though the Met Gala in Ocean’s 8 is fictional, they still went all out making sure it was just as luxurious as the IRL event. There were touches of flair everywhere — including a hidden message in Sandra Bullock’s character Debbie Ocean’s Met Gala dress.

During the Ocean’s 8 press conference in New York City on Tuesday, May 22nd, the cast sung the praises of costume designer Sarah Edwards. Bullock said working with both Edwards and the designers was a very collaborative experience.

“We all had — shocking, if you can believe it — all the ladies up here had strong opinions about what’s going on our body,” Bullock told the crowd. “And the designers were incredibly collaborative. My dress was Alberta Ferretti, but I really had thoughts. I wanted the sleeve a certain length because that’s where I palm the jewel, but I wanted it to be black because my character needs to disappear.”

Bullock said that when she got her Met Gala dress, she noticed it contained a hidden nod to her character: A nautical theme for Debbie’s surname, Ocean. Talk about attention to detail.

Warner Bros
Warner Bros

Ocean’s 8 co-writer and director Gary Ross added it was this kind of attention to detail that really made the film shine.

Ocean’s 8 hits theaters on June 8th.