Brittany Malooly
Updated Jan 11, 2017 @ 12:45 pm
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With the U.S. Presidential Inauguration less than ten days away, it’s becoming more and more clear just how much we’re going to miss President Obama. POTUS is currently on his farewell tour, and as you might have noticed we’ve been pretty emotional about it. If you’re looking to lift your spirits a bit like we are and maybe find some hope in the world, here are Obama’s five most re-tweeted tweets of all time. They are inspirational af.

The first one is VERY recent. He tweeted it only yesterday, and it has already dethroned all of his other tweets! You’ll see why:

Oh, my god. SO POWERFUL. Look how many times it has been RT’d: 589,965. And climbing! We’re almost in tears.

And this is number two (okay, now we’re actually crying):

And number three (sobbing):

Here’s a super cool photo of that meeting between Ahmed and Obama:

And number four (phew, we needed a lighter tweet):

And finally number five:


We love them all, but we especially love number one. We’re going to miss the entire family immensely. You too, VP Biden. Sigh.

We hope to see more of your inspirational tweets in coming months, President Obama. Thank you.