National Museum Of African American History And Culture Opens In Washington, D.C.
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Yesterday, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama met former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush for the dedication of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African-American History, reports People. Seeing them together, and hearing what they had to say, def warmed our hearts.

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It is the ~first~ national museum focused solely on the history and culture of African-Americans.

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Bush first authorized the museum back in 2003, though the idea for the museum was first conceived in 1915 (!) when African-American veterans of the Civil War wanted a way to memorialize America’s black experience.

The POTUS himself said:

And the way FLOTUS greeted Bush could not have been sweeter.

Look how cute they are!

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Before the President spoke, the daughter of a former slave, Ruth Bonner, 99 (!), rang the Freedom Bell, along with the POTUS and the FLOTUS, according to The Huffington Post.


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Then, both President Obama and Bush spoke about the museum’s significance.

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Bush spoke first, saying:

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Then the POTUS followed.

Are you tearing up yet?

The quote that stuck with us most was:

Our sentiments exactly.

A lot of people were there, including Oprah, because — of course.

And Ava DuVernay and Debbie Allen.

Lupita Nyong’o shared this beautiful group selfie.

Kobe Bryant wants to make sure we all visit the museum.

And you never know who you’ll bump into in the elevator.

The museum has nine floors and covers slavery through present day, reports Newsweek. Exhibits cover topics including the #BlackLivesMatter movement and African-American cultural icons. There’s also a theater named after Oprah Winfrey (a museum donor), as well as a Contemplative Court.

Our only question: When can we go visit?! It turns out that tickets are sold out through 2016, but it’s not too soon to order them for 2017. Brb.