Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Nov 24, 2016 @ 8:53 am
President Obama Pardons National Thanksgiving Turkey
Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

We can’t lie: we love Obama, if for no reason other than that he reminds us of our own dads. Well, maybe he’s a *little* bit cooler than our dads, what with his strangely trendy sense of style, but he, like our dads, has a bit of a questionable sense of humor. Obama’s dad jokes from the official Thanksgiving turkey pardon are flawless, and we’re still giggling over here. Obama’s turkey puns at the turkey pardon were definitely worthy of both an eye-roll and a smile in the way that only a dad joke can be.

We found ourselves both cringing at the POTUS’s dad jokes, and loving him even more. TBH, Obama’s best dad jokes from the official Thanksgiving turkey pardon will be on repeat throughout our Thanksgiving dinners, and we don’t hate it.

Seriously, you just have to watch Obama laughing at his own dad jokes. It’s one of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions!

See? We told you it was worth it. Oh, Obama. We hope you continue to make yearly turkey pardons as promised, and that you share them with us for the next million years.

Here are Obama’s best dad jokes from the official Thanksgiving turkey pardon:

The one about making sure no one goes hungry… except for the turkeys, obviously.

The one where he talked “vice turkey.”

The one where he made “yes we cran” a thing.

And, of course, the one where he promised to never stop with the dad jokes on Thanksgiving.

TG for dad jokes. As much as they horrify us, we know we’re a little happier because of them.