Karen Belz
February 16, 2018 10:26 am

Hey, sometimes it happens — people grow beards. Especially people who are no longer in the glare of the spotlight. We’ve all seen David Letterman. And while the facial hair in this case is simply a very good Photoshop job, people are still freaking out over a pic of Barack Obama with a beard.

The photo originated on The Shade Room. “Not everyone can be apart of #BeardGang,” they wrote. “So we slapped some beards on some men that are known to have a clean shave.” The site encouraged fans to vote on who wore it best. And since Obama’s photo managed to make its way on to Twitter, we have a feeling that it got a lot of votes.

After the initial shock of seeing Obama with a beard, fans were pretty split on whether or not he should consider giving it a shot in real life. Some were incredibly supportive, while others were decidedly not into it.

Here’s the photo that got everyone talking:

Some fans joked that a beard would help Obama enter “silver fox” territory (which some of us might argue he’s already in).

While not many people are outwardly hating the idea of Obama with a beard, at least one Twitter user noted that perhaps if the beard was better, their opinion might change.

If Obama wants to make the change in real life, we’re all for it. The worst case scenario? It doesn’t work, and he can start fresh again with the help of a razor and some shaving cream. We’re just curious about Michelle’s thoughts on the matter.