Madison Vanderberg
June 14, 2016 5:42 pm

Right now in Washington, a bunch of powerful ladies, and our President and VP, are speaking at the State of Women summit. It is at this summit that Obama announced that he was a feminist. An 11-year-old girl entrepreneur gave a speech. And Amy Poehler stirred us with words of wisdom.

But Obama also said something about how Malia and Sasha feel about politics that we can’t help but rally behind.

“They think it’s weird we haven’t already had a woman president,” the President said matter-of-fact.

He then co-signed his daughter’s progressive thoughts by adding, “They expect the world to catch up to them. And I have no doubt that we will.”

Elaborating further on the mind-set of his daughters and youth in general, Obama said, “They believe every door is open to them. They’re not engaging in any kind of self-censorship. They’re not going to hold themselves back. It wouldn’t occur to them they couldn’t rise to the top of whatever field they choose.”

Next time you’re doubting yourself or fearing you can’t do something, think to yourself, What Would Malia or Sasha Do?