Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Feb 04, 2017 @ 6:12 am
Credit: BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP/Getty Images

More than a thousand bodega’s in NYC shut down in protest Trump, specifically the president’s recent executive order, which bans immigrants and refugees from seven majority Muslim countries. The bodega protest follows the protest of New York City taxi drivers, who stopped driving the night the ban went live in solidarity with protesters.

We get it. The ban has already done so much harm, leading to people being trapped in airports for hours, sent back home, and generally traumatized. As this protest highlights, people from the countries Trump has deemed bad — despite being the cause of minimal terrorist attacks in our history, considering that most of the terrorists in our country are actually from here — aren’t bad, but are an essential part of our communities.

The bodega protest was led by the Yemeni community, as Yemen is one of the countries on Trump’s list of countries banned from traveling to the U.S.

Loads of people shut down their stores and gathered in solidarity with supporters in Brooklyn to take a stance on the ban.

And to make it clear that this has a direct, negative impact on their lives.

The support for the protesters was palpable.

Because it makes zero sense to suddenly turn and make a huge sweeping generalization of communities that are a part of our country.

Some protesters pointed out the hypocrisy in acting like refugees just suddenly appear out of nowhere instead of being actual humans impacted by harm caused by governments.


One of the main points of the protest was to remind people all over that America is overwhelmingly made up of immigrants, and we can’t ignore that.

It’s an impressive show of solidarity.

And it’s a reminder that we have a voice. Here are just a few social justice organizations you can support to make your voice heard, too.