Karen Belz
Updated Jan 26, 2018 @ 12:39 pm

A lot of us love Nutella — but it’s probably safe to say that our love won’t cause actual Nutella riots. Unfortunately, after a major sale at a grocery store in France, customers started getting violent over the low cost of the cocoa and hazelnut spread.

Nutella has become a household staple for many families in Europe. Made from sugar, hazelnuts, cocoa, milk, palm oil, synthetic vanillin, and lecithin (which helps make it spreadable), the spread is a bit like peanut butter’s trendier cousin. Intermarché supermarkets probably knew that their supply wouldn’t last after slashing their price by approximately 70% (which would have made each tub around $1.75 instead of $5.59), but the owners probably had no idea that customers would start riots over the product.

According to a report by CNBC, the damage was bad. During one of the Nutella riots, an elderly woman was reportedly struck in the head, while another customer suffered from a bloody hand. When employees attempted to put an end to the violence in a store located in L’Horme, the customers resisted. (*David after dentist voice:* Is this real life?) Apparently, other Intermarché supermarkets saw similarly raucous scenes over the discount.

The riots were so terrible that Ferrero, the company who owns Nutella, tried to disassociate themselves by stating that the promotion was entirely in the hands of Intermarché.

Someone who was at one of the stores took a video to showcase how intense the Nutella riots were getting.

Here’s another view of a swarm forming around the Nutella.

In this video, you can see baskets filled with the spread — along with a lot of chaos.

While it’s a good price, nothing is worth this violence. We wish the best to anyone who may have been injured during the hazelnut spread-fueled chaos.