Jessica Booth
February 21, 2018 3:59 pm
Spencer Platt / Staff / Getty Images

In light of the recent shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, gun control is currently the most controversial conversation topic out there. The debate is popping up everywhere, and social media is full of people taking sides on the issue. Even brands are speaking up and voicing their opinions, including Hello Holiday, a women’s clothing store that openly supports gun control. When an NRA supporter tried to shame the store for its stance on guns, the store clapped back… loudly. And we are definitely here for it!

Omaha, Nebraska-based Hello Holiday joined the gun control conversation this week when it shared a Facebook post reading, “THE TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW. Follow Everytown & @Drain the NRA, organize your friends, and call your representatives. Finally, get registered to vote in 2018. If congress won’t act, we will,” along with a screenshot of a particularly ~flavorful~ review left on the brand’s Facebook page.

The review is from an NRA supporter who rated the store one-star after seeing a sign out front reading “F*** the NRA.”

The screenshot shows the brand shooting back with a comment reiterating its support for gun reform, saying, “We don’t need money or support from members of the National Rifle Association.”

The reviewer responded, saying he had been planning on shopping there but wasn’t going to anymore, adding, “Dodged that bullet!” To which Hello Holiday clapped back with, “You actually won’t be dodging any bullets as don’t allow firearms in our shop.”

That’s some seriously impressive work! We love that the shop not only shared this amazing interaction, but also that it encouraged supporters to vote and take action for the cause.

It’s not surprising that Hello Holiday took this stance. On its website, the company states that its mission is, “Women. Resistance. Limitless ambition. Bravery. Doing it anyway.” According to the brand, this is a shop that does more than just sell clothes:

It’s great to see a brand take action in such a bold way. We know where we’re about to spend all of our money!