We’re not sure if our bodies are ready for this.

June 25, 2020

Marianne and Connell are reuniting sooner than the season finale of Hulu’s Normal People had us believe. Daisy Edgar-Jones (who starred as Marianne Sheridan), Paul Mescal (Connell Waldron), and Normal People director Lenny Abrahamson will come back to the small screen for two specials airing Friday, June 26th, for Comic Relief.

Richard Curtis, the co-founder of Comic Relief, told RTÉ Radio 1 on June 22nd that fans will revisit Marianne and Connell about 40 years after their final scene in Normal People, the show based on the Sally Rooney novel of the same name.

“There’s a beautiful piece called Normal Older People, which is imagining what would have happened to Marianne and Connell 40 years from now,” Curtis said. “I promise you, these are two very special bits.

We cannot wait to find out who this special guest could be. Whomever it is, they better not come between Connell and Marianne. Our hearts won't handle it.

Rooney’s novel Normal People is based on her 2016 short story called At the Clinic, which details a joint trip to the dentist when Marianne and Connell are 23 years old. The pair are still very much involved with each other after Connell attended his writer’s program in New York, and as was true throughout Normal People, they return to each other in between breakups with other people. Published in The White Review, At the Clinic is available to read for free.

Normal Older People will air on RTÉ Does Comic Relief in Ireland on Friday night, and will hopefully become available to watch online after its initial airing. Needless to say, this snippet from Marianne and Connell’s future will destroy us just as much as the snippets from their past did.