Molly Thomson
March 01, 2018 11:38 am
JHU Sheridan Libraries/Gado/Getty Images

With March comes visions of florals and light jackets, and the desperate hope that the sun will finally warm our skin for the first time in months. Sadly, for many on the East Coast, Mother Nature has a less cozy plan. A nor’easter is hitting several states Thursday evening (March 1st) heading into Friday, and it has people hurriedly canceling their flights and stocking up on provisions for the coming days.

For those fortunate enough to be unfamiliar, a nor’easter is triggered by strong winds off the Atlantic Ocean, and usually hits the east coast with winter storms and powerful winds. This week’s storm is expected to bring damaging winds, coastal flooding, rain, and snowfall in its wake, and if Winter Storm Riley is hitting your area, the absolute best plan of action is to stay indoors.

So… should you be cutting out of work early to buy flashlight batteries, water, and extra blankets?  If you live in Baltimore, the short answer is probably. (And if you’re not in Baltimore, check out all of the other cities the nor’easter is schedule to blow through).

The National Weather Service confirmed that Maryland could be hit with the “strongest wind storm in three years” and should expect 60 miles per hour winds Thursday night through Friday evening. reported that the high winds combined with wet snow will “likely down trees and trigger widespread outages,” so be prepared with candles and lanterns, and expect to potentially hole up inside for the evening without the sweet comfort of Netflix.

*waits patiently for spring to come*

Stay safe out there, and bundle up!