Credit: Monica Schipper/FilmMagic

The election has been an undeniable mess. But things just got more interesting. Why? Because the messy election just spilled over to an unexpected place: Nordstrom. Because Nordstrom stocks Ivanka Trump’s brand, they’re now being boycotted by some who say that Nordstrom should pull Ivanka’s brand to avoid supporting her father’s views. The store recently responded to the open letter calling the brand out, and this entire thing is so curious.

In response to those asking for Nordstrom to pull Ivanka’s brand, Nordstrom said,

But many were dissatisfied with Nordstrom’s response. They wanted more.

Here’s how it started: one woman began a campaign to pressure Nordstrom to stop stocking Ivanka’s brand. She posted an open letter to Twitter explaining her viewpoint.


As a result, many others jumped on board.

The woman behind the campaign spoke to Business Insider and explained why she’s so displeased with Nordstrom’s response. She said,

She continued,

Will Nordstrom back down, or will they stick to their guns? Only time will tell.