Get excited, because the ’90s are really coming back in a fun and brightly colored way. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with fashion. HMD Global, a Finnish startup that makes Nokia-brand phones, announced it’s releasing a new version of the Nokia banana phone, aka the 8110. If you remember, it’s the curved “banana phone” Neo used in The Matrix.

Remember when the Nokia banana phone was a thing? The old version of the 8110 phone was first released back in 1996. As Ian Fogg, senior analyst at IHS Markit said, “This is a return to the glory years of Nokia.” With, of course, all new technology.

No word yet on whether or not the iconic original Nokia ringtone will be included, but the new Nokia banana phone will reportedly come with 4G and a “handful of apps,” including Google Maps, Facebook, and Twitter. In short, the basics. And as a bonus, it will also come with a new version of the game Snake. That’s sure to bring the nostalgia.

According to CNN Tech, the phone isn’t meant to have a “flashy operating system.” Instead, it’s all about having a basic phone that’s reliable and can run on a single charge. It’s also about HMD making a statement that it’s a “playful, youthful, and retro in a good way” brand. It seems to be doing just that by releasing not only a black version, like the original, but a banana yellow version to match the phone’s nickname.

It’s a really fun retro phone for people who are tired of the same type of smartphones coming out every year. The price point isn’t too bad either, at $97. Look for it in May this year — but don’t get your hopes up for a good-quality phone or a big screen. This puppy has only a 2 megapixel rear camera and 2.4-inch display, nothing like what you’re probably used to.

The good news is the new Nokia banana phone will retain the banana curve of the original. So who knows? Maybe actually talking on the phone will become a thing again.